'Bliss' - coming along nicely!

16th October 2023

Since announcing details of our project boat 'Bliss' there's been quite a bit of interest......... with the main question on everyone's lips being 'when will her fit-out be complete!?'

Whilst there's no definite timescale, 'Bliss' is available for immediate sale and will be ready to take to the water by Spring/ Summer 2024!

Cabin top linings going up!

Here we can see the cabin top linings being put up, and John Henty, working with one of our apprentices, Dom, fixing the cabin side linings in place! (Isn't she looking good??!!)


Teamwork gets the job done!
Say 'Hello' to Dominic!

If you would like to speak with Chris Williams about 'Bliss' or discuss any ideas you have for your own dream boat, please call Chris direct on 07963 974793 or email chris@ovationboats.co.uk.