'Bliss' - lined out & getting interesting!

25th October 2023


If you've been following the Ovation Boats news blogs you will know about our project boat 'Bliss' - a 70ft, traditional stern narrowboat, originally built in 2004 by Measham Boats. 

'Bliss' has been fully stripped out and cleaned back, the exterior grit blasted, including the baseplate, and her steelwork modified to bring her up to date enabling a more modern design and brighter and more pleasant living space.

With most of the unexciting preparatory work done,'Bliss'  is nearing the end of being lined out and is ready to be fitted-out!!


'Bliss' lounge area with sun roof
Lined out

As you can see, the upper cabin sides and cabin top are in a popular cream tone whilst below the gunnels the lining is painted grey.

Now join Chris Williams for a tour around 'Bliss' to see what's planned for her interior fit-out!

'Bliss' is currently up for sale for £120,000, so, if you would like to pick up a bargain for next years holiday or treat yourself to a 'new' home, why not give Chris Williams a call direct on 07963 974 793 or email chris@ovationboats.co.uk