On holiday with Ovation Boats - Banbury, then heading home!

25th October 2023

On their recent narrowboat holiday, Chris Williams & Julia left North Kilworth and headed to Banbury via Braunston, Napton and Cropredy.


The weather was perfect, being warm and sunny, which made for a very pleasant (and much needed) break away from the workshop!

They arrived in Banbury on the Sunday and headed off to find the Banbury Cross and 'fine lady upon a white horse!'

Did you know there were actually three Banbury Crosses!? Chris and Julia didn't know that either and as these are now long gone they were interested to see what had replaced them!! They found two crosses:

The most iconic of these was on a road island next to a beautiful statue of the said lady!

The fine lady, upon a white horse!
The story of Banbury Cross!

Do you see what I see!?

With exploration of Banbury completed, Chris & Julia headed back to 'Florrie the narrowboat' (and 'Flossie the cat') for a return trip and overnight stay at Cropredy........including an obligatory visit to one of the pubs.......... before heading back towards Leicestershire.

Overnight stay at Cropredy
Chris at his towpath office

With friends at Midland Chandlers Braunston
The beauty of the canal & it's history

Like the journey to Banbury, the route home was very relaxed and calming, but what a lovely surprise to bump in to old friends at Braunston Midland Chandlers!

Now, anyone who cruises around the canal system will know that with a few exceptions, other boaters are incredibly friendly and, after a lifetime on the boats, Chris Williams has assembled more friends than most!! Here we see Chris having breakfast with Midland Chandler's manager, Ashley (2nd from left) and Steve Furniss in the maroon shirt (Grand Union Narrowboats, Weedon) at Midland Chandlers, Braunston, where, incidentally, Steve's lovely wife, Steph, works (far left). My, they certainly had some catching up to do!!

Up the Watford flight
And up again to the top!

Heading away from Midland Chandlers through the Braunston Locks and tunnel, Chris & Julia arrived at the Watford flight where Julia operated the locks taking them up, up, & up to the top!

Once again a stop off at Crick was called for and another very pleasant evening was spent with Mike Reid.......who you may remember owns 'Carrie Louise'.

Can you guess where we are?

After a total of 10days of very happy cruising, Chris & Julia finally arrived back at their Leicestershire mooring, refreshed and ready to take on whatever life puts their way!

If you would like to invest in a narrowboat of your own, and experience the healing powers of canal boating, why not contact Chris Williams direct on 07963 974 793 or email chris@ovationboats.co.uk.

No matter what your budget, Chris will be able to give you sound advice as to how to purchase the narrowboat of your dreams.