Charnwood Hobbit


Welcome to the ‘Charnwood Hobbit’ range of steel narrowboats. 2+2 berth, all electric propulsion (diesel option if required) over a range of four boat lengths: 42’, 37’, 32’ & 27’.

The ‘Hobbit’ concept is very similar to an all-electric car, with around two days cruising before needing a charge either by having returned to base or a planned excursion to a marina charge point. As an alternative, the cruising range can be extended with on-board solar and/or generator.

The ‘Hobbit’ range was developed for keeping the comforts of modern boating within reasonable costs, both in terms of initial purchase and ongoing running costs, including mooring / licence fees.

All ‘Charnwood Hobbit’ boats are Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) and Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) compliant.

Charnwood Hobbit Floorplan

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Propulsion Electrics+
12volt DC system+
230volt AC system+
Gas system+
Gas system+
Cabin Heating+

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Materials Used+
Charnwood Hobbit 42’+
Charnwood Hobbit 37’+
Charnwood Hobbit 32’+
Charnwood Hobbit 27’+

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Steel Work+
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Pricing (incl.)

Cabin Length Electric Drive Electric Range Extender Diesel Drive
Solar Generator
Hobbit 42'
Hobbit 42'
31'6" £126,000 £8,400 £13,000 £123,000
Hobbit 37'
Hobbit 37'
26'6" £117,000 £7,666 £13,000 £114,000
Hobbit 32'
Hobbit 32'
21'6" £108,000 £7,400 £13,000 £105,000
Hobbit 27'
Hobbit 27'
16'6" £99,000 £6,304 £13,000 £96,000


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Contract, including warranty, are based on and approved by British Marine. For 'Charnwood Hobbit' a small deposit is required to book the build slot with 10% due on commencement of building the shell. Stage payments are due as the build progresses. Final payment is on handover and within 2 weeks following completion.

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