Shared ownership from Ovation Boats

Consider becoming a shared owner of an Ovation Boats narrowboat. We can offer a range share of options, from 2 -12 shares and over the range of boats that we offer.

Should this be of interest or if you would like more information, please send an email to or give us a call on 07963 974793.

We will collate those showing an interest and make contact as a group develops with the possibility of forming an ownership group.

Could you outline the type of Ovation Boat you are interested in and the number of shares. Ownership groups would own an equal number of shares.

As this will be for a new boat, it would not be used until the complete ownership group was in place.

The Ovation Boat could be commissioned or already compete.

Ownership contract would be with Ovation Boats. Contract template from British Marine. Copy available on request.

Ongoing management of the Ovation Boat would form a separate agreement with those undertaking the management and the ownership group. We recommend at least for the first year or so that the management outsourced. Marina where the boat is moored for example. We can help put this agreement in place.

Example pricing (including VAT)

Total Share Split 2 3 4 6 8 10 12
£180,000 Charnwood Edge 60' £90,000 £60,000 £45,000 £30,000 £22,500 £18,000 £15,000
£104,000 Charnwood Hobbit 42' £52,000 £34,667 £26,000 £17,333 £13,000 £10,400 £8,667
£74,000 Charnwood Hobbit 27' £37,000 £24,667 £18,500 £12,333 £9,250 £7,400 £6,167